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Culture in Jammu

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Jammu's Dogra culture and tradition is very similar to that of neighbouring Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
Peoples: Dogras , Muslims , Gujjars.


Festivals are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout the region, along with Accession Day.

 Lohri (13 January)

 Lohri is celebrated on the 13th of January like other parts of India . It is Mainly a Punjabi festival, Lohri welcomes the commencement of the spring season, after the end of winter. This festival is celebrated mainly after sunset. A bonfire is lit and people offer things like sweets, puffed rice, popcorn, etc into it.

 Baisakhi (13 or 14 April)

 This festival also known as "harvest festival' is celebrated in mid April every year welcoming the onsent of Spring season specially by Sikh communities . The festival is considered auspicious for marriages. During this festival different fairs and folk dance Bangra (Punjabi dance) are performed.

 Bahu Mela (March–April and September–October)

 A major festival is held at the Kali Temple in Bahu Fort twice a year. People in a large number visit the temple of Goddess kali inside Bahu Fort.

 Chaitre Chaudash (March–April)

 Uttar Behni gets its name from the fact that the Devak river (locally also known as Gupt Ganga) flows here in the northerly direction.

 Purmandal Mela (February–March)

 The people of Jammu also come out in their colourful best to celebrate Shivratri at Peer Khoh Cave Temple, the Ranbireshwar Temple and the Panjbhaktar Temple. In fact, if one visits Jammu during Shivratri, one finds a celebration going on almost everywhere.

 Jhiri Mela (October–November)

 An annual fair is held in the name of Baba Jitu, a simple and honest farmer who preferred to kill himself rather than submit to the unjust demands of the local landlord to part with his crop.

 Navratri Festival (September–October)

 Though the yatra to the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi is a round-the-year event, a pilgrimage undertaken during the Navratras is considered the most auspicious. the Navratri Festival as an annual event to be held during September/October for the nine auspicious days of the Navratras. A large number of tourists pay their obeisance to the deity during this period.

 Urs (all year round)

 The Urs (or ziarats) is a typical festival. The Urs are held annually at the shrines of Muslim saints on their death anniversaries. The Urs festivals are popular despite the rigours of weather.  


 Jammu is Famous for its Chocolate Barfi, Sund panjeeri,Patisa and its exotic local food – Rajma with rice is one of the speciality dishes of Jammu. Another specialty of Jammu is Kalaadi which is processed cheese.


 Blok Printing: Jammu is known for the cheapest textile products . Vegetable dyes are used for block printing on variety of clothes & bed covers.


 Pulkari embroidery incudes flower design on handkerchief, Table Covers & Wall Hangings.

 Where to shop:

 Raghunath Bazaar & Hari Market are famous for traditional dogri Items & Jewellery . visitotrs can shop their on very reasonable price.

 Music & dances:


 The Bindloo and the Jagarna are the dances set to the theme of marriage and martial relationships. Women perform Jagarna. It is performed after the Baraat leaves for Bridegrooms house and is carried out whole night. Hence it is called JAGARNA. Bolian & Dholak is also accompanied with this dance.


 This folk song is a widely prevalent form of mass entertainment . The haunting Melody of Pahari songs add to the beauty and joy of daily life.


 A dance-song of Dogra Pahari region of Jammu being performed at the occasion of feasts, festivals and marriages by the rural folk parties of this region. Male and female both participate in this dance-song in their traditional costumes. This type of dance-song is performed at any time of the day as well as night.


 It is usually performed on the festival of Baisakhi the drum beater in the middle of dancers make everyone do bangra .

 Chajja: It performed on the lohri festival this dance is also called peacock dance & also indicates the arrival of the spring.




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