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Tsomoriri or Lake Moriri

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Word Tso- Moriri means a Mountain Lake. This is considered to be one of the most beautiful drives in the entire Ladakh region..The lake is fed by springs and snow-melt from mountains on the Changthang plateau. Water enters the lake in two major stream systems, one entering the lake from the north, the other from the southwest. Both stream systems create extensive marshes where they enter the lake. It formerly had an outlet to the south, but this has become blocked and the lake has become land locked. As a result, the water is now becoming saline.The lake is surrounded by the elevated valley of Rupshu with hills “Changpas", the nomadic migratory shepherds(pastoral community) of yak, sheep, goat, and horses of Tibetan origin and who are engaged in trade and work on caravans in Ladakh region, are the main inhabitants of the area. Changpa (Champa) herders use the land of this valley as grazing ground and for cultivation. While returning from the Tso-moriri at a distance of 6 km is a Tso –kar ( White Lake).








Spitok Gustor


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Leh ,Likir & Deskit Monasteries

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Stok Guru Tse-Cue

Stok Monastery

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Matho Nagrang

Matho Monastery

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Buddha Purnima


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Hemis Monastery

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Yuru Kabgyat (LaMayuru)

LaMayuru Monastery

Jun 10,11

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Zanskar Karsha Gustor

Karsha Monastery

Jul 8,9

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Ph-Yang Tsedup (Phyang)

Phyang Monastery

Jul 9,10

Jul 28,29

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Jul 24, 25

Korzok Gustor (Tsomoriri Lake)

Korzok Monastery

Jul 14,15

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Jul 30,31

Dak-Thok Tse-Chu

Dakthok Monastery

Jul 20,21

Aug 8,9

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Sant Naro Nasjal (Zangskar)

Sani Monastery, Zanskar

Jul 24,25

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Aug 9,10

Shachukul Gustor

Shachukul Monastery

Jun 28,29

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Thiksay Gustor

Thiksey Monastery

Oct 25,26

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Chemrey Angchok

Chemrey Monastery

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Dec 01

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Galdan Namchot

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All over Ladakh

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